Why Revereit

What makes RevereIT LLC a preferred service provider?

  • Our experts are available at competitive rates, considering their skills and experience.
  • We specialize in Regulatory Affairs, QA/QC, Clinical Operations, Clinical Research, Project Management, Business Development.
  • We choose experts with the relevant skills for each project. This keeps the clients' expenses down, as they don't have to worry about the employee administration costs.
  • Frequently emerging new technologies make it hard for the client to constantly keep the employees trained in the latest techniques. Our team is constantly being trained in new technologies and so is always up-to-date. Hence, our team is ready to work on the projects at a very short notice.
  • Our ability to fulfill the IT solutions in a short period of time makes the project cycle simpler, with resources not being an issue.
  • We have a very friendly team who will train our clients on the developed project with their extensive knowledge about the project.
  • Willingness of our consultants to relocate, travel and work during non-business hours.
Computer Systems Validation

Computer System Validation (CSV) in regulated operations provides confirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence.

Validation for Vaccine Manufacturers An Introduction

This guidance document has been prepared to aid vaccine manufacturers in the preparation and performance of the validation studies required by GMP.