The growing demand for personalized content has compounded to technological and business challenges. Media industry is experiencing a rapid shift into digital content and multi-channel distribution models, as a result of technological advances and convergence of telecom, online, interactive media, & internet. Industry analysts, including Gartner and IDC, agree that Media players forced to open more distribution channels, challenged to address enterprise-level management of their assets, improve processes and offer services in multiple delivery formats, multi-channel and multi-platform at one time. Media businesses—from publishers to information providers, to syndicators and advertisers, want to augment content value and provide superior services at a faster speed and lower cost.

RevereIT is uniquely positioned to enable Media organizations address these changing imperatives, meet business challenges with a range of innovative services and realize an enhanced return-on-content investment.

Our Media industry offerings bring consulting and technology advantage that leverages new media forces like Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications, Search Engine Optimization, and online user experience. Some of the examples are:

  • Expert business analysis services to produce information architectures and Business Process Visualization to align process and functional requirements
  • Leveraging latest technologies, industry-standard processes, innovative tools and frameworks to power Media firms’ business models for business transformation
  • Ensuring efficient utilization of digital assets across the organization using Digital Asset Management to manage content across multiple projects and multiple users
  • Protecting enterprise and personal data using our expertise in digital asset and rights management, resulting in optimum information protection
Computer Systems Validation

Computer System Validation (CSV) in regulated operations provides confirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence.

Validation for Vaccine Manufacturers An Introduction

This guidance document has been prepared to aid vaccine manufacturers in the preparation and performance of the validation studies required by GMP.