Client: The client is a manufacturer of a proprietary distributed computing hardware technology for accelerating life sciences applications and making them easier to use on compute farms and clusters.

Engagement: To enhance the performance of a number of popular informatics applications (DOCK, SIM4, GOLD) on the customer’s proprietary technology platform. RevereIT met with the client to understand their technology, define their objectives and install and test the software packages to be parallelized. Using the proprietary technology, a data parallelization architecture and our deep understanding of algorithms in bioinformatics, RevereIT was able to deliver performance enhancements of up to 10 times on four applications in under 10 weeks.

Computer Systems Validation

Computer System Validation (CSV) in regulated operations provides confirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence.

Validation for Vaccine Manufacturers An Introduction

This guidance document has been prepared to aid vaccine manufacturers in the preparation and performance of the validation studies required by GMP.